2 Of The Worst Foods That Make You Fat And Gain Belly Fat

These two foods I’m going to talk about will probably shock you because you probably eat them everyday. Your probably even eating one of them as you read this article.

Most people are usually very shocked when I tell them to eliminate these 2 foods from their diet. But almost immediately they start to see benefits in reduction in belly fat and weight loss.

The first type of food that I’m going to talk about is wheat and whole wheat. Breads, cereals, pastas, bran muffins etc. Even the almighty whole wheat, that many bread companies is selling to you as healthy and nonfattening.

Many people in our modern world don’t realize they were never meant to eat wheat in their diet. And in fact a large percentage of the population has a major intolerance to the gluten in wheat grains.

People who are celiacs are the most sensitive to these types of foods. And its because the human digestive system has not adapted to eating large quantities of wheat in their daily diets.

In fact, it has only been introduced to us humans in large quantities as little as 80 or so years ago. A very little time frame when you compare it to what has been in our diets since the beginning of time when are ancestors where hunting meats and gathering vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

From my experience with helping people lose belly fat and get lean, centering your diet around these simple foods our ancestors used to eat and our body has adapted to is the best way to hit your goals.

It has been a regular experience in my profession that when I take a client off their wheat filled diet, is when they start seeing all types of improvements in their bodies. Headaches go away, indigestion problems no longer come up, rashes and skin problems also start disappearing. The benefits are almost endless…

The second food I want to talk to you about is fruit juices.

Most people’s jaws drop to the ground, because they take in so much juice everyday, and cant imagine that this food would be fattening when it comes from good resources.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea and think I’m anti-carbs because I’m not. I’m actually a big believer in fruits and I personally eat them everyday. However, man was never meant to separate the sugars from the fruits and consume only them.

When you separate the juice from the fruit you are leaving behind all the fiber and beneficial components when it comes to eating fruit.

Also when you only drink the juice you are absorbing no fiber only high responsive sugar that surges your blood sugar response, leaving you to crave for more carbs.

Anyways, the bottom line is that consuming juice that has been taken from fruits will make you fat. But on the other hand if you choose to eat a fruit whole and take in the fiber and other nutrients, it will help you have a diet that maintains a healthy balance and keeps you from gaining belly fat.

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Daniel_Dash/